Renault Colorale

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Renault Colorale

Robustly designed, the Colorale was of much service to craftsmen, merchants and farmers in the 1950s, its numerous versions adapting to every situation.

Following World War II, Renault's utility vehicle range was lacking a medium-sized vehicle to fill the gap between the Juvaquatre and the 1,000 and 1,500 kg vans. The answer came in 1950 with the Colorale, whose name is a contraction of colonial and rural. With a somewhat rounded line, this robust and practical vehicle with an 85 engine was available in several versions: Prairie, Savane, taxi, van, pick-up, covered platform, chassis cab... and even a four-wheel-drive version, which at the time was quite rare.

The Prairie was the first Colorale to be unveiled to journalists in the Parc de Bagatelle in May 1950. Designed for both utility and family use, its cabin was clearly characterised by a certain rustic appearance, but the gear lever on the steering wheel, the four opening windows and the wide doors offered comfort lacking from most popular small cars. The Prairie also had a removable rear seat for a seventh passenger. The useful volume impressed even more when this seventh seat and the rear bench seat were removed. It immediately became the spearhead of the range and Renault went as far as producing a luxury Prairie.

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